Creating Powerful Product Line Strategies & Roadmaps

Your strategy moves matter.

Do you have a strong product line strategy with a sharp roadmap? Does your management make superb strategy decisions?

The key is to understand the moves, both pivots and recasts. Teams mu

The Adept Group is delighted to offer our superb workshop.

Creating Powerful Product Line Strategies & Roadmaps

January 17 and 18, 2019 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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This workshop delivers the knowledge to build and advance product lines. The workshop shares how to gain greater leverage. And it details how best to segment markets, and boost strategy execution.

This outstanding course is led by Paul O’Connor, author, and respected product line strategy expert. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create powerful product line strategies and execution roadmaps. It unites thinking in product strategy, marketing, technology, life cycle management, and organizational change. The focus is on short-term needs through long-term strategic goals.

This course offers deep discussions and important case reviews. You will learn several key topics.

  • Platform-levers and Multi-generational Plans
  • Chain-link Alignment and Culture
  • Innovation Charters
  • Attribute Positioning
  • Verb-based Market Segmentation
  • Strategy Pivots and Roadmap Recasts
  • Cash Flow, Competition, and Customer Satisfaction
  • Governance and Decision Flow
  • Roadmap Management

For details, please visit the workshop website or Call 904-373-5428.

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