On-Demand Webinar: Why Is It So Hard to Get Traction with Product Line Roadmapping?

Most people agree that Product Line Roadmapping can be a powerful tool for product development teams to make sure their decisions line up with their company’s long-term growth strategy, but many find these initiatives have lacked staying power.  The Adept Group is teaming up with Management Roundtable to tap into the top experts in this field and provide a forum to connect you with information on how to get more lasting benefit out of this critical business process and how to best implement the necessary components.

This inaugural webinar in our series, ”Why Is It So Hard to Get Traction with Product Line Roadmapping?”, featuring Dr. Irene Petrick of Penn State University and Paul O’Connor, Founder and Managing Director of The Adept Group, is now available on demand.

In this 60-minute session, Irene and Paul introduced participants to some of the non-obvious challenges in creating a sustainable roadmapping practice, with topics including:

  • The sometimes broken link between process and outcome
  • The hard focus on technology
  • A limited understanding of product line roadmapping
  • The difficulty of balancing broad input with targeted discussion, and
  • The leadership challenge

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