Expert Sessions

Product Development EXPERT SESSIONS™

  • Creatively generate superior ideas and concepts
  • Speed resolution of critical problems
  • Rapidly increase insights into markets and technologies
  • Accelerate the reduction of uncertainty
  • Test assumptions and validate directions
  • Identify optimal actions
  • Overcome “NIH”
  • Augment internal resources and knowledge

EXPERT SESSIONS are dynamic new product and business development tools. They are focused and disciplined brainstorming session held with experts in diverse yet, pertinent fields. Because these experts are independent of the client organization, perspectives and insights are gained which are different from those held internally.

EXPERT SESSIONS are fast and effective. In a period of 8 to 10 weeks, this tool brings fundamental research together with the knowledge and insights of the outside experts. Perhaps most important is that this tool provides deliverables on which you can take action.

EXPERT SESSIONS are a proven methodology. Literally hundreds of expert sessions have been conducted for such clients as Dupont, Shell, Heinz, Kraft, Black & Decker, Stanley Tools, Dow, DuPont-Dow Elastomers and Exxon.

Sessions last up to 1 day and include 5 to 10 experts from various technical and/or market perspectives. Each expert is pre-screened for insights and creative thinking that match the client’s objective and complement those of other participating experts.

Practitioners, consultants and academicians who contribute as experts are identified through The Adept Group’s XcelNetTM, a proprietary database of experts from a wide variety of technologies and markets. These experts are frequently not in the same industry as the client, and almost always have a different perspective from the client’s.

The identity of the client is always held confidential and participants in the EXPERT SESSIONS are required to sign secrecy agreements, protecting confidential and proprietary information. All developments and ideas derived from the EXPERT SESSION are the property of the client.

EXPERT SESSIONS are used for creative idea generation and critical problem resolution in new product and new business development. The deliverables of the process expands an organization’s insights into achieving superiority and competitive advantage. As shown in the box, there are four categories of EXPERT SESSIONS.

Market Known Market Unknown
Technology Known Implementation Focus Technology Application Search
Technology Unknown Market Focused Technology Search New Product & New Business Opportunity Search


Implementation Focus
“What issues and challenges need to be resolved and what actions should be taken to optimize the NPD or NBD project at hand? What options do we have? Are we on the optimal course now?”

Market Focused Technology Search
“Are there any technologies or innovative bundles of technologies available in the world which can give us a competitive advantage in a new product or a category of products? Why are these technologies attractive? How might we secure them?”

Technology Application Search
“What market needs or opportunities exist which could be satisfied via the unique technology or bundle of technologies we have to offer? Why might theses opportunities be attractive for us to pursue? How would we exploit them?”

New Product & New Business Opportunity Search
“What opportunities exist in the world which would fit our strengths or complement our weaknesses? Why are these opportunities attractive and how could we exploit them?
When initiating an EXPERT SESSION it is important that the challenge or objective be as focused as possible. Often, clients have a very clear understanding of the challenge and can communicate this understanding. No matter the case, The Adept Group works long and hard to understand the market and technical dimensions prior to beginning the process.

To learn more about EXPERT SESSIONS and how they can augment your new product and new business development efforts, call us directly. We would be pleased to discuss this tool’s benefits and appropriateness in the context of your activities.

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