NPD Capability Maturity Assessments – Paths to Improvement

Recognizing and understanding the current state of new product development within an organization can be an important step in formulating appropriate productivity improvement activities. The Adept Group works with management to diagnose the current drivers and current impediments of new product development. We work by conducting expert evaluation and “process diagnostics” on all new product development practices, processes and methodologies used across the organization. We do this with in-depth,organizational surveys, one-on-one interviews, process “deconstruction”, project document analysis, and statistical risk analyses of both projects and portfolios.

Taking into account such factors as timing, readiness, resource constraints, and potential gains, our NPD Capability Maturity Model assists management in determining which areas of productivity improvement will provide the most gain in NPD productivity improvement. This enables the basis for delineating key actions that will drive new product development productivity.

The duration of NPD Diagnostic and Capability Maturity Assessments can vary, depending upon organizational complexities and key person availability.

Our deliverables are straight forward. The Adept Group shows in detail where the organization stands in its current state of new product development and we craft an organization-specific plan which can guide management in leading the enterprise to higher levels of maturity and productivity in new product development.

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