Rapid NPD Portfolio Analysis: Data Quality and Analytics

  • Receive “real time” analytics of your portfolio, regardless of the current quality of your data.
  • Receive your report “presentation-ready”, using state-of-the-art analysis and graphics.
  • This service is provided for a flat fee of $895, payable by credit card.  Turn around time is in a matter of days.

Benefits of this service go straight to the heart of portfolio management.

Using outside, expert analysis to gain a detailed path forward for:

  • Improving your portfolio of projects,
  • Raising the quality of the data to make better portfolio management decisions, and
  • Increasing your skill in creating and presenting quality portfolio management analyses and reports in the future.

Report includes:

  • An analysis of the nature and quality of your current data,
  • A specific game plan for improving the quality of your data,
  • A detailed analysis of your portfolio of projects, and
  • A summary of possible decisions and actions that will improve the value of the portfolio of projects.


  1. You learn how to “camouflage” or modify data so as not to compromise confidential information yet still enable analysis. (The Adept Group will also sign a client’s non-disclosure/secrecy agreement with regard to portfolio data.)
  2. The Adept Group conducts preliminary analyses of the data and generates a list of questions regarding data fields and the meaning of specific values.  Adept explores the data with you in a one hour long conference call / WebEx.
  3. The Adept Group rigorously analyzes, and constructively manipulates, the data so as to create a full portfolio report, including portfolio visuals (graphics), text analysis and table-based summaries.
  4. The Adept Group delivers the full report and presents via WebEx a summary of
    – The full analysis of the portfolio of projects;
    – The alternative portfolio changes for optimizing portfolio value;
    – An analysis of the quality of the data and data values;
    – Alternative and best approaches for improving data quality to
    required levels.

Save time with a rapid and thorough analysis of your portfolio data.

Save money by overcoming the pitfalls of poor portfolio data quality.

Build skill and capability by combining your knowledge and insights with The Adept Group’s proven expertise.

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