NPD Information Systems Assessment and Blueprints

The opportunity to improve NPD productivity has been greatly enhanced with the advent of web-based systems which support all aspects of NPD.  At some point in the relatively near future, almost all organizations of any size will be using such systems.

The challenge for many management teams is that today there are numerous systems to choose from, each having its own orientation and special features.  No two systems are the same. No two systems have the same features. Management confronts the perplexing questions: Which system is correct for your organization? What risks are there in deploying one system and not another? Should you even consider a web-based system when a fully integrated new product development process (product line planning, front-end, stage and life cycle management) has not been established?

The Adept Group works hand-in-hand with management teams in systems identification, evaluation, selection and deployment. Our goal is to bring you information quickly and provide  you guidance in matching the correct NPD system to your organization.  Some important characteristics include feature sets, configuration, ERP integration, project management, full or partial process architecture support, maintenance, required organizational changes, and cost and timing of deployment.

We use our growing database of software and features, organizational surveys, online demonstration, client-based RFP’s and evaluation templates to assist organizations make the best decision that matches the dynamics of their needs. Our goal is the right system… at the right time… for the right organization.

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