Organizational Briefings on New Product Development

An organization’s collective understanding of best practices in new product development is critical for it to move forward and improve NPD productivity. Yet all managers that impact product development do not necessarily share a common understanding of specific practices. Our briefings inform management of the what’s, why’s and how’s of different NPD practices. We place particular attention on the use and benefits of methods, as well as the pro’s and con’s of different approaches to deployment. Depending upon the needs of the management team, briefings may last between one and four hours. In all cases, we tailor briefings to the specific audience.

Some Briefings on New Product Development topics include:

  • Product Line Strategizing and Road Mapping

  • Front-to-Back NPD Process Architecture

  • NPD Portfolio & Pipeline Management

  • How to Establish an Integrated and Robust Front-End

  • Management Decision-making in a Stage gate Process

  • Key Drivers in NPD Leadership

  • Project Management in Product Development

  • Deploying Metrics to Drive Improvement

  • Web-based Systems and Support of New Product Development

  • Linking New Product Development and Strategy

  • Risk Assessment on Projects and Portfolios

  • Optimizing Pipeline Throughput against Resource Constraint Realities

  • Creativity and NPD Front-end Activities

  • How to Get an Organization to Embrace Voice of the Customer

  • Anchoring Needs Through Voice of the Customer

  • Quality Function Deployment

  • Speed, Risk and Strategic Impact: NPD Productivity Tradeoffs

  • Quantifying the Commercial and Technical Risk of Projects and Portfolios

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