Workout Sessions for Product Line Strategies and Roadmapping

In Product Line Strategies and Road Mapping, organizations often need to confront difficult topics which cut across functional expertise and functional boundaries. The greatest recourse to this is deep, interactive communication coupled with deep understanding of the underlying topic.  By using Adept Group’s “Workout Sessions” clients can gain such communication through a hard-driving, facilitated interactive meeting.  Adept Group achieves the desired outcomes by using a large variety of nominal group methods which couple our expert facilitation skills with our in-depth product development knowledge.  This unique skill combination enables Adept consultants to guide management teams, roadmapping teams or NPD project teams through such demanding topics. This purposeful, in-depth and disciplined dialogue — lead entirely by facilitator questions and insights — helps move teams to produce specific, desired Product Line Strategies and Roadmapping outcomes.

Some areas where Product Line Strategies and Roadmapping workout sessions are notably beneficial are in market segmentation, platform defining, strategy articulation, building block trade-off, potential outside venture exploration and crafting product innovation charters.  Depending on the topic and organizational dynamics surrounding the topic, workout sessions may be preceded by information gathering work such as strategy-based surveys and one-on-one interviews.

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