Software & Enablers

Graphical modeling software for license. An easy to use tool for new product development portfolio management designed to integrate metrics and views for multiple project decision -making. Includes templates and data formats for dozens of Best-in-class NPD portfolio management views. Links directly to Excel, Access, or any OBDC database. Graphics may be imported to MS PowerPoint for detail editing and distribution.

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A statistical model and team process for license. Based on NewProd research and extended to QFD, Systemic Risk analysis of NPD Portfolios, and team building. Open data source from NPD-RiskAssessor seamlessly integrates with PortView™, our portfolio visualization tool described below. Software is either desktop or internet based.

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An online tool for initiating and supporting product line road mapping and developing smart product line strategies.  This software as a service (SaaS) offering enables global teams to conduct specific practices and methods in an organized process.

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