NPD Summit on Product Line Roadmappping

Platform Strategizing and Roadmapping the Product Line

Leveraging Platforms and Optimizing the NPD Portfolio Mix

This Management Summit brings together a select group of executives and top managers from a limited set of companies for the specific purpose of sharing experiences, challenges and learnings specific to product development platform strategizing and product line roadmapping.  Participants will focus on the how’s and why’s of these intertwined topics in the context of real organizational and business settings. This is a high-powered, peer-to-peer exchange of insights and knowledge, facilitated by Paul O’Connor, Managing Director of The Adept Group.  Mr. O’Connor is a recognized expert in the fields of platform strategizing and product line roadmapping.

The Adept Group’s premise for the Summit is that most companies conduct certain activities and embrace certain knowledge and insight collection undertakings which may be considered elements of platform strategizing or product line roadmapping.  Yet very few companies would consider their activities, in whole, as best-in-class.  And still fewer would judge the strategic gains from their activities as delivering the impact which key stakeholders desire.

The Adept Group also recognizes that in the full architecture of new product development processes, platform strategizing and product line roadmapping precede concept identification and generation, and staged development of new product.  These other processes, as well as portfolio management, are further along their life cycle, with greater diffusion within all organizations (consider the observation that most companies use the Stage Gate process, and many consider it usefulness to be in decline).  Today, platform strategizing and product line roadmapping is in the early part of the growth stage of its life cycle.  Over the next several years, more and more organizations will build out capability and support infrastructure to enable greater benefits to be derived from platform strategizing and product line roadmapping.

Management Summits are unique, interactive experiences designed specifically to enable non-competitive organizations to learn from one another and from current best-in-class practices.  Only five companies may join each summit, with each sending up to five participants.  To learn more and receive a detailed prospectus on The Adept Group’s Management Summit on platform strategizing and product line roadmapping, please fill in the form below.

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