The PDMA ToolBook 2 for New Product Development

The new volume of an esteemed guide to best practices in new product development

ToolbookPaul Belliveau (Editor), Abbie Griffin (Editor), Stephen Somermeyer (Editor)
ISBN: 0-471-47941-1
576 pages
September 2004

The Product Development & Management Association (PDMA), the leading professional organization for new product development (NPD), presents the second volume of its highly regarded reference on the tools for successful NPD. Complementing the first volume’s focus on NPD process tools, ToolBook 2 reflects the heightened interest in strategic and organizational development and understanding consumer needs. Key innovators in NPD offer best-practice tools that can be implemented immediately by project leaders, process owners, and program and portfolio managers in their own organizations.

ToolBook 2 provides cross-functional coverage of such topics as:

  • Enhancing the learning ability and creativity of an organization
  • Better understanding customer needs and tailoring NPD to these needs
  • Determining the economic value of products and services
  • Enabling customers to design their own products
  • SpiralUp Implementation of NPD Portfolio and Pipeline Management
  • Integrating new information technology tools into NPD
  • Using mapping tools for planning and portfolio decision-making

With sections devoted to organizational issues, the fuzzy front end (FFE), managing the process, and portfolio and pipeline management, ToolBook 2 is an indispensable resource for NPD professionals.

The Adept Group’s founder, Mr. Paul O’Connor, is a contributing author to this outstanding book. In chapter 17, he describes in great detail the ins and outs of “SpiralUp Implementation of NPD Portfolio and Pipeline Management.” Readers with interest in new product development portfolio management should find this chapter practical and insightful. This chapter is based on The Adept Group’s extensive research in this field of portfolio and pipeline management and some of the findings on “best in class” implementation approaches. You can find a short synopsis at: SprialUp Implementation of Portfolio Management

If you wish to learn more about “SpiralUp Implementation of NPD Portfolio and Pipeline Management” or simply wish to discuss new product development in general, please contact us directly.