Charting Software to Analyze, Strategize, Optimize & Execute New Product Development Porfolios

What users say about PortView…

“Very low cost compared to other options. MS should have this tool’s capability but they do not. Ease of use is very good, easy to manage and update, easy to drill for details… Did I say it is very affordable!” – Intel

PortView is designed to help companies beginning portfolio management and, as a visualization tool, to support those that are well along the way.

PortView enables rapid creation of insightful charts and analysis of NPD Portfolios by placing particular emphasis on strategic grouping metrics. It is designed to integrate metrics and views for multiple project decision-making. The software includes templates and data formats for dozens of Best-In-Class NPD portfolio management views. PortView reads your data directly from MS Excel. Graphics are placed in MS PowerPoint for detail editing (if you wish), distribution and web publishing. PortView incorporates numerous features to enable users to quickly set up views, draw lines, add text, filter data, label bubbles, create zoom-in charts, expose high level strategic grouping views and share output effortlessly.Portview Software

Using PortView™

PortView reads the data from its source (e. g., an Excel spreadsheet) and stores it in the computer’s memory. Then, by assigning variables or data fields, users can manipulate the data views for various scenarios. A variety of views can be created and then printed, saved or imported into a PowerPoint slide. Users have full editing capabilities over every detail of each view from within PowerPoint. Any changes made to PortView data can be seen instantly and is saved separately – not touching the original data – making it ideal for scenario planning.


Video #1 – PortView –
Intro and Overview
Video #2 – PortView – Creating The Critical Chart:
Products In Development Vector Movement
Video #3 – PortView – Creating the Critical Chart:
Cumulative Frontier


PortView™ offers many easy-to-use features, creating a superior approach to NPD Portfolio Visualization

On-screen display of “drill down” project metrics and information Extremely fast editing of views with a standard Microsoft Office®-style “undo” to help correct mistakes
Ease-of-use, with many pre-established and optimal defaults Reads a data source into computer’s memory for extremely fast data manipulation without disrupting data, and also allowing quick changes made to data within PortView to be saved as a separate data file
Fast and easy use of templates Enables plotting of strategic groups, such as target markets, project types and technology platforms
Direct creation of Microsoft PowerPoint slides, or insertion into Microsoft Word® for full text reports Enables charting of strategic buckets and their statistical summaries
Handling and filtering of metrics, with no restriction on the number of projects included Using data to show “projection vectors” that visually communicate dynamic changes over time (e.g., this project is moving in this direction)
Zoom for closer-in views – with axes and all variables instantly adjusted



  • Downloads to desktop in minutes
  • Each installation comes with one hour of professional support

Company after company have joined PortView’s extensive list of users.

Some users include:
Coca Cola, Intel, Hershey, Johnson and Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Chevron, Ralston Purina, ICI, Novartis, General Motors, Pfizer, Dow Chemical, Access Business Group, Dupont, Sprint, BASF Corporation, Sunbeam, Markem, Algonquin Auto, Micro Encoder, Silicon Graphics, Air Products, Dana Corporation, Appleton, Omnova Solutions, Square D, Datex-Ohmeda, NOVA Chemicals, BNY Clearing, Pharmacia, Timken, Cerner, Johnson Controls, Harris Corporation, Porter-Cable, US Filter, Lubrizol, Grace, Omnova, Reichold, and Alcoa