Breaking Through the Ceiling of Your NPD Portfolio

Leverage product line roadmapping to radically increase NPD productivity

There is a ceiling on how much benefit your organization can gain from improving processes and capabilities related to stages and gates, and portfolio management.  No matter how you fine-tune these processes, the simple fact is that what enters the development pipeline is the main constraining factor on what comes.

To break through this limitation, managers need to figure out how to get bigger and better innovations into the portfolio mix in the first place. The challenge is: how to target bigger and better innovations, based in reality. The answer is: being much smarter.

The optimal mix of projects in an NPD portfolio is that which will carry out brilliant product line strategies. This means that the product line roadmaps – the detailed execution plan for product line strategies – need to clearly articulate priorities and link directly with portfolio management. Equally important, the product line strategies  must have a notable role in overall business strategy.

Organization can sharpen their view of their product lines with smart strategies and roadmaps This, then, enables:

  • Greater strategic impact (think revenue, earnings and market share)
  • Faster deliveries by leveraging platforms and delivering feeding technologies and capabilities in a more timely fashion (think technology and market readiness)
  • Notably better resource use efficiency through much smarter cross-organizational/cross-hierarchy coordination of work and decisions specific to a commonly understood product line strategy

There are many lessons to be learned by organizations embarking on crafting smart product line strategizes and roadmaps  If you wish to learn more, please check out: The Profound Impact of Product Line Roadmapping.

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