RoadMapping RampUp™

RoadMapping RampUp™ is an online tool for initiating and supporting product line road mapping and developing smart product line strategies.  This software as a service (SaaS) enables global teams to conduct specific practices and methods in an organized process.


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Global teams focusing on one product category or product platform use RoadMapping RampUp™ to gather, aggregate and generate critical knowledge and insights… in the context of the product line road map. The tool is both a facilitator of process and aid in generating “critical-to- road map” insights.

Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping

Smart product line strategies and well thought out roadmaps create a focus and a powerful driving force for new product development (NPD) and fruitful innovation.  Yet the complexity and leanness of today’s business management makes these problematic.  It leaves little time for the development of original insights or for the detailed coordination of current and future cross-organizational product line planning activities.  RoadMapping RampUp™ helps fill this void.

With the tool and the resultant organizational process, teams creatively explore and analyze data and information so as to build original product line strategy insights.  The tool also facilitates smart coordination and prioritization of “product line objects” that create the reality-based execution roadmap of the product line strategy.  The result for organizations using RoadMapping RampUp™ are more powerful product line strategies and execution roadmaps that yield much greater strategic impact in the market, quicker time durations from insight development to cash flow realization, and more effective use of resources and investments.

RoadMapping RampUp™ is a comprehensive software tool and facilitated business process support service that enables teams to develop smart product line strategies, insightful and coordinated execution roadmaps, plus the organizational process to repeatedly conduct and improve product line strategies and roadmaps.

The backbone of RoadMapping RampUp™ is a SaaS tool which organizations use with the support of the Adept Group consulting team. The tool enables selected knowledge holders across the organization to collaborate for the purpose of revealing existing insights and developing new insights with one purpose in mind: to drive the fundamentals and the genius of product line strategizing and roadmapping.

Teams using RoadMapping RampUp™ may be co-located or dispersed across the globe.  The SaaS tool helps teams organize their thinking through product line “objects” such as platforms, technology building blocks and targeted market segments… each with unique characteristics, opportunities and constraints. These objects, along with critical insights and product line influences, come together through the facilitated and collective thinking of each team. The result are meaningful and powerful product line strategies and realizable product line roadmaps to execute each strategy. In addition, RoadMapping RampUp™ delivers to the organization a fully vetted and repeatable process for conducting Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping on any and all product lines. Developing such a common process, customized to the organizations, enables rollup and aggregation of multiple product line roadmaps for rationalization and prioritization of critical to roadmap activities across all product lines.

The Gains

There are very important benefits that accrue to organizations from using RoadMapping RampUp™.  For example, organizations realize benefit from:

  • The development of new and the improvement of existing platform and product line strategies, yielding strategic gains in the marketplace;
  • Gaining cross-organizational focus of intelligent and coordinated roadmaps, eliminating time-slack when executing notable strategic activities… greatly increasing the chances of winning in the marketplace;
  • Creating a repeatable and documented people-oriented process, useful to all product managers for all product lines… with built in continuous improvement capabilities;
  • Realizing sharper supply chain and distribution channel coordination… specifically for the gain of the product line strategy;
  • A more effective rollup of multiple product line roadmaps and the integration of this rollup into the full business strategy;
  • Developing a common focus and clarity across the organization on which items, activities and deliverables are critical to each roadmap and which are not;
  • Establishing a strong basis for judgments, decision-making and innovation governance regarding all product line activities and work efforts;
  • The creation of easy to understand graphics… roadmap at a glance
  • The delivery of both in-depth documents, plus short overview executive summary slide decks of  product strategizing and roadmapping

Customized, Organization-specific

All RoadMapping RampUp™ implementations are customized specifically to each user organization. This is done through upfront evaluation and assessment conducted by experienced and knowledgeable Adept Group consultants. Assessments reveal current capabilities and maturity regarding all aspects of new product development and product planning, not just product line strategizing and roadmapping.  Using insights gathered in the assessment, Adept Group consultants then modify the structure and templates to be used through RoadMapping RampUp™.  This makes initiating the activities of product line strategizing and roadmapping easy for individual contributors and the organization as a whole.