Creating Brilliant Product Line Strategies & Roadmaps Workshop

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

This important workshop delivers deep understanding and sets a course forward for establishing smart product line strategies and actionable roadmaps. It addresses both the thinking process and the mechanisms by which organizations radically improve the strategic power and proficiency of their product management and product development efforts. The workshop provides deep knowledge sharing on the topics of how to create brilliant product line strategies and roadmaps, leveraging product line platforms, Read more […]

WEBINAR: The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping

This webinar is deeply informative, explaining why and how companies gain tremendous value from product line strategizing and roadmapping

I Had a Portfolio Management Epiphany

The Smart Perspective to Reap Meaningful Gains from NPD Portfolio Management Years ago, a thought struck me about how I was wrong regarding a very critical aspect of new product development (NPD) portfolio management. I had always been a strong proponent of managing the portfolio so as to attain a proper balance or mix of projects and to align the portfolio with strategy. This seemed so fundamental that, to me, this simple concept of “portfolio balance” was beyond reason to question. I was Read more […] Related posts: Product Portfolio Management – Picking Flowers in the Dark Irrational Thinking and Clueless Portfolio Management

Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid when Building Capability in Your NPD Architecture

Paul O’Connor has been developing thought leadership pieces around best practices — and common mistakes that CAN be avoided — for building out process capability across the full architecture of new product development. If you haven’t yet had a chance to read these, here are several ways to gather this information: Bringing Maturity to the Front-End: 5 Best Practices for Building Capability (published in on May 26, 2014): Knowing the best practices to follow is key Read more […] Related posts: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Integrating New Product Development Processes Celebrating the Gaps in Your New Product Development Processes

Overcoming Portfolio Inertia and Portfolio Entropy Whitepaper

The forces of portfolio inertia and portfolio entropy have significant influence misdirecting new product development efforts.  By recognizing these forces, managers gain understanding of cause and effect of circumstances, and more importantly, gain clarity to recourse and actions.  Access this whitepaper to learn how to tackle the challenges. Learn more and download paper Read more […] Related posts: WHITEPAPER: Overcoming Portfolio Inertia and Portfolio Entropy Strategizing, Roadmapping and Executing the Product Line

Maturing NPD Practices Beget New Processes

Journey from Stages and Gates to Portfolio Management to Product Line Roadmapping. As the field of new product development (NPD) progresses and matures, new processes and practices are introduced. Some grow, mature and level off – or even decline – but their impact leads to the recognition of the next need or gap, and a new process or practice is implemented that takes NPD organizations to the next level of success before leveling off to reveal the next need or opportunity. This can be demonstrated Read more […] Related posts: Maturing NPD Practices Beget New Processes Portfolio Management Makes Way for Product Line Roadmapping