I Had a Portfolio Management Epiphany

The Smart Perspective to Reap Meaningful Gains from NPD Portfolio Management Years ago, a thought struck me about how I was wrong regarding a very critical aspect of new product development (NPD) portfolio management. I had always been a strong proponent of managing the portfolio so as to attain a proper balance or mix of projects and to align the portfolio with strategy. This seemed so fundamental that, to me, this simple concept of “portfolio balance” was beyond reason to question. I was Read more […] Related posts: Product Portfolio Management – Picking Flowers in the Dark Irrational Thinking and Clueless Portfolio Management

Webinar: Product Line Roadmapping: Unlocking the Potential of Your Portfolio

Speaker: Paul O’Connor, The Adept Group. Hosted by Sopheon. If your organization wants to optimize its portfolio mix, the key lies in the projects that enter the development pipeline even more than in the management of that pipeline. Establishing a cross-functional product line roadmapping process is essential for your organization to create specific targets for generating or identifying the right projects to be in your portfolio. Innovation targets derived from product line roadmapping Read more […]

Breaking Through the Ceiling of Your NPD Portfolio

Leverage product line roadmapping to radically increase NPD productivity There is a ceiling on how much benefit your organization can gain from improving processes and capabilities related to stages and gates, and portfolio management.  No matter how you fine-tune these processes, the simple fact is that what enters the development pipeline is the main constraining factor on what comes. To break through this limitation, managers need to figure out how to get bigger and better innovations Read more […] Related posts: Portfolio Management Makes Way for Product Line Roadmapping The Profound Impact of Product Line Roadmapping

Overcoming Portfolio Inertia and Portfolio Entropy Whitepaper

The forces of portfolio inertia and portfolio entropy have significant influence misdirecting new product development efforts.  By recognizing these forces, managers gain understanding of cause and effect of circumstances, and more importantly, gain clarity to recourse and actions.  Access this whitepaper to learn how to tackle the challenges. Learn more and download paper Read more […] Related posts: WHITEPAPER: Overcoming Portfolio Inertia and Portfolio Entropy Strategizing, Roadmapping and Executing the Product Line

On Demand | 30 Minute Webcast: 2 Views on 4 Keys to Integrating a Winning NPD Process

The development of new products requires companies to move from a culture where innovation is not repeatable or scalable—to a culture of operationalized innovation that celebrates fast failures and delivers a strategically aligned product portfolio. In this webcast, based on the recent whitepaper, “Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Integrating New Product Development Processes,” written by Paul O’Connor, you’ll hear two perspectives on process, including: Integrating key NPD processes The Read more […] Related posts: Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid when Building Capability in Your NPD Architecture 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Integrating New Product Development Processes

Help! My NPD Process is Stuck in the 80’s

Your NPD process is stuck in the 80s when… Your organization still calls it ‘stage-gate’. Your portfolio of projects consists of an Excel™ spreadsheet. Projects get into the process and never get killed. Concepts are generated from random brainstorming or are management pet projects. Your product line roadmap is a PowerPoint™ that someone from marketing created. So, why are you stuck? The gated process is considered by many practitioners to be mature in its lifecycle. Read more […] Related posts: Front-to-Back New Product Development Process Design, Deployment and Alignment NPD Process Implementation: Sub-processes and Full Architecture