The Six Foremost Pitfalls of Product Development Portfolio Management

Managers need to be aware of several serious pitfalls of product development portfolio management. Moreover, organizations need to take steps to overcome these pitfalls in order to gain the true benefits of product development portfolio management. The difficulties of portfolio management are more encompassing than most managers think and in need of a much broader solution approach than most nirvana-preaching specialists suggest. The Six Foremost Pitfalls Consider for a moment that it has Read more […] Related posts: I Had a Portfolio Management Epiphany Why Good Portfolio Management Depends on a Robust Front-end

Maturing NPD Practices Beget New Processes

Journey from Stages and Gates to Portfolio Management to Product Line Roadmapping. As the field of new product development (NPD) progresses and matures, new processes and practices are introduced. Some grow, mature and level off – or even decline – but their impact leads to the recognition of the next need or gap, and a new process or practice is implemented that takes NPD organizations to the next level of success before leveling off to reveal the next need or opportunity. This can be demonstrated Read more […] Related posts: Maturing NPD Practices Beget New Processes Portfolio Management Makes Way for Product Line Roadmapping