The Six Foremost Pitfalls of Product Development Portfolio Management

Managers need to be aware of several serious pitfalls of product development portfolio management. Moreover, organizations need to take steps to overcome these pitfalls in order to gain the true benefits of product development portfolio management. The difficulties of portfolio management are more encompassing than most managers think and in need of a much broader solution approach than most nirvana-preaching specialists suggest. The Six Foremost Pitfalls Consider for a moment that it has Read more […] Related posts: I Had a Portfolio Management Epiphany Why Good Portfolio Management Depends on a Robust Front-end

On-Demand Webinar: Product Line Roadmapping — Creating an Integrated, Scalable Approach

Roadmaps provide a structured visual depiction of strategy — supporting alignment and communication within and between organizations. This webinar explores how this powerful and flexible technique can be deployed efficiently in cross-functional workshops. As we move into our second webinar in this series on product line roadmapping, you’re invited to view this on-demand session, featuring Rob Phaal from the Centre for Technology Management and Paul O’Connor, Founder and Managing Director Read more […] Related posts: On-Demand Webinar: Why Is It So Hard to Get Traction with Product Line Roadmapping? On Demand, Anytime Webinar: The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping

Does Your Portfolio Team Feel Like a Fight Club?

6 Steps to Better Portfolio Management 1. Have a standing cross-organizational portfolio team: A Portfolio Analysis and Recommendation Team (PART) with a structure, process, cadence, measures, metrics, and portfolio goals will create an efficient and credible environment for portfolio issues to be managed. 2. Define product line strategies: With organization and management input, define product line strategies within the portfolios so they are clear to the organization and the team.  Without Read more […] Related posts: Breaking Through the Ceiling of Your NPD Portfolio Capability Maturity Model for Portfolio and Pipeline Management