WHITEPAPER: Overcoming Portfolio Inertia and Portfolio Entropy

WHITEPAPEROvercoming-Portfolio-InertiaThe forces of portfolio inertia and portfolio entropy have obvious and significant influence misdirecting new product development efforts. By recognizing these forces, managers gain understanding of cause and effect of circumstances, and more importantly, gain clarity to recourse and actions.

This whitepaper will help readers:

  1. Understand the three source categories from which portfolio inertia emanates: practices and processes, behavior and culture, and product life cycle;
  2. Recognize why portfolio entropy – the spread from project to project of uncertainty, risk and resource misallocation – occurs; and,
  3. Discover how to couple the insightfulness of portfolio inertia and entropy diagnostics with the analysis of an organization’s portfolio management capability maturity for powerful results.

Understanding this practical and robust approach will help managers tackle the enormously large value proposition of new product development portfolio management.

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